This is me, Max, the author of this one page website to showcase what I do and what I like.
As you can guess from the self portrait I have a passion for photograpy, keep reading and you can follow me on Flickr and more!

Hope you'll enjoy sneak around my page!


<!-- what does it even mean? !-->
It comes from the italian word "essenza" which translates to "essence" in english.
The capital X and Z are there for branding.
The purpose on this website is just to show case my learning experience around web development.
I've a vast knowledge about technology and my carrer at the moment is focused primarily on technical training and support.
You can refer to my Linkedin profile to review my full work experience and IT certifications.

I'm gaining more experience and skills on web development and I've developed for my current employer a PHP/MySQL web application used globally accros AMR, EMEA and APAC regions.
Currently I'm abstracting the application via a JSON API to renew the tool and focus development on responsive HTML5+Bootstrap+jQuery, the final goal will be to migrate the entire application to Node.js and MongoDB

I'm co-ordinating this effort applying Agile and Scrum methodology.

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Where I'm based...

I'm originally from Turin, Italy.
Since February 2008 I've relocated to Cork, Ireland

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